WOWs, aka Workstations on Wheels- these rolling laptops are the latest and greatest addition to support electronic medical record documentation systems in many healthcare programs. The benefits of the electronic record has been well documented as recently as May 2013 when Tulane became the recipient of a “Heroes in Healthcare” Innovation Award – click here to read more. The good news is that nurses and other professionals can take the
computer into the clinical location, whether that is the patient’s bedside,clinics or even, the x-ray room.

Healthcare administrators are now striving to find methods to support the staff in securingeffective seating locations while using the WOWs. Historically, charting occurred at nursing stations or central desk areas. Today, treatment is focused in larger patient centered treatment clusters wasting less space on staff desks for seating. Great news for patients, but not so much for those professionals needing to sit to chart. Fortunately, a new product, EZ-Rest Retractable Folding Chair is now available and has been designed to enable hallway seating. EZ-Rest Chairs are not only convenient but meets 2012 Life Safety Code, (5) which now reflect the ability to have wall attached seating.

Recognizing how important staff comfort and safety is to ensuring quality care, more hospitals are exploring this option. Not only do the EZ-Rest Chairs offer seating for staff, they also provide safe resting spaces for patients and visitors traveling the many long corridors and hallways found in healthcare facilities throughout the world. EZ-Rest is proud to support healthcare professionals both literally, and figuratively, with our
product. To learn more, contact us today.

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