Absolutely no one likes to see summer go. It seems that summer is the shortest season of them all. The delights of going about barefoot, picking lush fruits and vegetables out of the garden for dinner, lovely flowers for the table, herbs to add exotic aromas to grilled dinners, the longer days of sunlight that offer lovely evenings under the stars and walks in the moonlight, trips to the beach, lakeside picnics, boat rides and so many other delightful activities just can’t be beat by other seasonal delights.

Now, some people like the Fall, with its golden and reddish hues, pumpkins and hay bales and cornstalks, but many look upon them as the harbingers of darkness and cold when all that summer offers is gone for an unseemly long amount of time. It’s no doubt that those of us who love and adore summer, those of us who are devoted to it, practice our own form of “Fall Prevention.” We do everything we can to savor each day in the summer. We find ways to extend our living space to porches and covered areas in the yard so we can live outside amongst our flowers and near our gardens. We will do almost anything to stave off the impending Fall when we must turn back our clocks, and some of us absolutely refuse to display the ghosts of summer, even as others once again put them up. But there is another even more important kind of Fall Prevention and that is the kind that we, at Quick-Seat offer.

The concept behind the Quick-Seat Chair is that it can be strategically placed in a variety of areas along corridors, outdoor walking paths, retail areas where one may need an extra seat while waiting for a dressing room or to try on shoes, health treatment centers for people with disabilities, where hallways just seem endless when one is already tired, extra seating in places of worship, art museums, and so on where the lack of an easy to access seat could cause a fall simply because someone becomes unexpectedly weak.

We believe in our product. We know that it has already done what our vision set out for it to do. We know of its efficiency, its hands-free ease of use for anyone, its space-saving dimensions and durable construction. We’ve seen our happy clients install the Quick-Seat chair on nature trails, in hospital hallways and even medical mobile units. Quick-Seat, The Temporary Chair That Closes Itself may not prevent Fall, but it will go a very long way to preventing the worse kinds of fall, and that is even better.