In 1951 Hollywood released a movie about Harry Houdini, the world’s most famous escape artist. The movie, Houdini thrilled movie goers almost as much as those who were able to witness his live performances which included being locked in trunks, wrapped in chains, hanging upside down in a strait jacket, and so many other harrowing escapes including being locked in a bank vault for 24 hours. Now wouldn’t Houdini have loved to have a Quick-Seat Chair in there with him? A Quick-Seat Chair would have been the perfect thing to have inside that vault as Houdini attempted to find a way out of his dilemma. Quick-Seat Chairs can be installed almost anywhere. With a footprint of only 3 ¾” it would have been a welcome sight to Houdini who would have been very uncomfortable during his all night challenge.

Harry Houdini

Houdini loved to perform escape acts in unusual settings, and he loved challenges. The Quick-Seat Chair might have been named after Houdini because it is the perfect temporary seat that can challenge tight spaces to offer safe comfortable seating with a whole lot less effort than it took for Houdini to extricate himself out of a padlocked trunk or a large milk can. With its space saving and hands-free design it works like magic, easier in fact, than Houdini at his best sleight of hand. Whether or not Houdini cleverly hid wires or other illusionist tools to stun and amaze audiences, there is nothing hidden about the Quick-Seat Chair. We know you will feel like Houdini when, with only the light touch of a finger or the almost invisible touch of a toe, Quick-Seat Chair opens and then magically retracts closing itself, while you wait for the applause. Did we mention that Quick-Seat Chair’s sitting area is 20” x 14” and will support more than 500 lbs.? That’s more than would have been needed to support Harry Houdini in a locked trunk.

Voila! Quick-Seat Chair – Temporary Seating That Closes Itself; Contact us today!

Harry Houdini photo courtesy