We can think of dozens of places where Quick-Seat would simply make life easier, and not just in an industrial, commercial or retail setting. Long gone are the good old days of ‘mud rooms’ where you could come in from the garden or garage and have a bench just waiting for you to sit on and take off your shoes. In most home designs of today, there is little room for these good old fashioned comforts. Unfortunately, however, the need for them still exists, while the space to accommodate them doesn’t.

That is what makes Quick-Seat such a great solution for temporary seating both inside and outside of your home. Quick-Seat folds up to a mere 3 ¾ inches out from the wall.  It can be customized to match any color scheme, and it could even provide the perfect solution inside a backdoor entrance so that children or adults can remove muddy shoes right there to eliminate tracking dirt into the house after sports practice or other messy outdoor activities. Quick-Seat, although a great space saver, offers an ample seating area of 20”x14” when open, at a height of 18”. It is easy to clean and holds up to 500 pounds, before it effortlessly self-closes.

Like we said, we can think of dozens of places where Quick-Seat will improve the quality of your life instead of letting small spaces and lack of seating inhibit it.  “Quick-Seat, Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.”

Stay tuned for more articles about how Quick-Seat can truly enhance your daily living.