Winston Churchill was once asked to what did he attribute his success. He makes a perfect case about the very essence of healthcare in the answer he gave… “Conservation of energy.  Never stand when you can sit down. And never sit when you can lie down.”

Although with Quick-Seat, the emphasis is on sitting, and not lying down, we know that this well-known quote makes a valid point. This is especially true in healthcare where people with disabilities, or challenging health problems simply need to conserve their energy in an effort to put as little stress on their bodies as possible.  How often are patients at doctor’s offices or emergency rooms, hospitals or residential health care homes struggle or suffer, simply because there is no available seating when their energy simply diminishes, leaving them short of breath and fearful of falling?

Having a Quick-Seat nearby could be such a relief to people in need, and that is always going to be a keyword in the realm of healthcare. Relief is why Quick-Seat was created.

Quick-Seat improves the environment of care in rehab centers and hospitals, as well as Walk-In health centers and doctors’ offices where long waits, and long walk walkways or hallways make getting treatment a daunting experience at best. Quick-Seat conforms with infection control and ADA standards. Space efficient, it fits almost anywhere and folds up to a mere 3 ¾ inches out from the wall when not in use.

We believe that Winston Churchill would have loved to have Quick-Seat installed wherever he spent most of his time. After all, he believed in sitting.

Quick-Seat. “Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.”