No, but he did know a thing or two about the perfect timing of good ideas when he said,  “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” 

We are living in an era where things like industrial sites, healthcare settings, and schools are spread out larger than ever before. Gone is the era of small doctors’ offices and smaller community hospitals. And gone is the kind of ambiance we see in old movies where people are made to be comfortable in almost every setting.

Nowadays when needing treatment and further tests, people need to travel to many places. These offices are frequently at opposite ends of endless corridors, require long elevator rides, and standing in crowded waiting areas. We hate to mention that people have to travel through huge parking lots or garages so far from their respective buildings that they almost require their own zip codes.

Navigating around these new arenas can be almost as daunting as Stanley’s search for Livingston in deepest Africa. And, unlike an old jungle movie where lost Abbot and Costello, comically encounter some kind of unexpected relief, this is not the reality that far too many people face during these stressful times.

Quick-Seat can, however, offer that small oasis of rest and assurance where it is most needed in many of these scenarios. Quick-Seat also offers more. For those requiring ambulatory assistance such as walkers, or canes, Quick-Seat opens with a light touch of the hand or a simple tap with the foot to release it from the folded position on the wall to provide a much needed chair.

Imagine how happy you, your patients, guests, elderly parents or loved ones would be to have Quick-Seat easily available. We think that would rate five stars. Abbott and Costello may not have needed Quick-Seat, but we know that Stanley and Livingston’s treacherous adventure would have been a lot less daunting and may have sped up that now historic discovery.

Quick-Seat, Temporary Seating That Closes Itself, and installs almost anywhere you need it is… “The Idea Whose Time Has Come.”