We at Quick-Seat Chair haven’t ever thought of ourselves as clairvoyant, but maybe we are. Way before California adopted the Right To Sit Act, which has now seriously impacted Walmart in a $65 million dollar settlement to almost 100,000 past and current employees, we are starting to think that maybe we are. Because we truly see a time in the near future where what has happened to Walmart and other large corporations such as Bank of America, AT&T and Home Depot will seriously impact corporations in other states in the US as well. As history has borne out, California has “set the stage of things to come” with its inspiration of the West moving, as it always does, Eastward. All of these corporations are nationwide, therefore, what happens to them in California will cause the need in compliance for their employees across the country.

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do have a keen sense of the necessity for a “call to action” on the part of these corporations to be proactive, and we at Quick-Seat are here to help, because even without a crystal ball, we are out in the field everyday listening to and experiencing how a lack of temporary seating is vitally needed. And, not just any kind of seating. Compliant Safety Standard seating, compliant Infection Control seating, seating that is “space sensitive” to its environment. We do have a vision of Quick-Seat Chairs solving this problem and looking great as well. We can picture a Quick-Seat Chair in blue in the cashier station at Walmart, sturdily mounted on the floor yet neatly folded up and safely out of the way until it is needed, and then easily opened “hands free” when the cashier has a moment to sit down.  Quick-Seat Chair will easily self-retract when the cashier stands back up. In our vision, we can see Quick-Seat in any variety of colors doing the very same thing in any large corporation. We see clearly and predict that in the long run Quick-Seat Chair will save corporations brand integrity and their pocketbooks, as well as their Dow Jones Average.
We feel Walmart’s pain at this time, as a corporation dedicated to employing and embracing people from all walks of life. If only they had known about Quick-Seat Chair.  Just as our original idea was to alleviate pain and suffering to those in need of a temporary place to sit while visiting commercial locations or during medical and rehab treatment, we see now that we can relieve the pain of future lawsuits by providing a small oasis where people in need of rest can find it. Now that is some vision!

We look forward to building relationships with Walmart and other corporations, hearing their concerns and enabling them to be the forerunners in this new era of great corporate to employee relationships. Quick-Seat is ready to solve seating solutions today.

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