Magic and sleight of hand has always held a fascination for so many. We love being delighted by a trick of the eye that treats us to seeing what looks like the impossible. And we love “sleight of hand”, and ladies being levitated in the air, white rabbits being pulled out of a hat, and doves taking flight where just before there was only a bouquet of flowers. How many of us have tried our own hand at pulling a coin out from behind someone’s ear, or seeing if we can make that magic card trick work? If only we had a magician’s wand with which to make things appear and disappear.  Recently I saw something called the Ninja Secret Message Trick where the “Ninja” wrote a secret message on a piece of paper in Japanese, burned the paper over a metal bowl, collected the residue ashes of the paper and then rubbed them onto his forearm only to reveal the exact Japanese message on his arm that he had written to show the audience. Was I delighted? You bet. One magic trick I have never liked is how fast I can make money disappear on a shopping spree, however!

The Quick-Seat Chair is a very real piece of magic. Magical engineering, that is. It was first conjured up as a means to provide temporary safe seating for industrial, healthcare, retail and natural settings but  here’s the best part, if you want to include the Quick-Seat in your own magic show, all you have to do is to make sure it is positioned where no one can see it when you tap it lightly with your toe to make the chair open. Then all you have to do is say the magic word, “Abracadabra”, wave your magic wand around and pouf, with its “sleight of hand” hands-free patented design, it will open to the amazement of everyone. You can then take center stage and sit on its ample sitting area (20” x 14”) repeat the magic word, “Abracadabra” again, stand back up and voila, Quick-Seat, Temporary Seating That Closes Itself magically closes back up! Quick-Seat can be installed almost anywhere, wall mounted or free standing floor mounted even on a magician’s stage, but more importantly where it may provide quick easy seating for fall prevention or serious fatigue. That is magic in itself. Top hat and bunnies not included.

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