Why is a bridge like a Quick-Seat temporary chair? We like to think that it’s because they are both a metaphor for building relationships. Quick-Seat’s creator Bonnie Breit believes, “It’s not just about the work; it’s about the relationships we enter into, build up, and sustain.” And, that’s about as close as one can get to building a bridge. Bridges are all about connecting and sustaining relationships.

Relationships, although needing maintenance should never be about hard work. They should be about comfort, and concern, and courtesy. And, aside from its sturdy and sleek manufactured design, that is what Quick-Seat is all about as it effortlessly offers a friendly sanctuary in a long corridor, or in a crowded room where people just need to sit for a while. Recognizing an ongoing business concern, providing people with an opportunity for a short respite under tiring circumstances may be one key to creating loyal patrons. Quick-Seat works even where there may be no extra floor space to accommodate a chair. Everyone can appreciate the amenity of a seat when tiredness hits!  Studies show, customers who believe they are treated like royalty become the kind of customers who return again and again. They recommend the business to others and new relationships or connections are made. Those connections are the bridge that started with a simple kindness, just a “Quick-Seat.”


“This bridge needs neither praise, eulogy nor encomium. It speaks for itself. We who have labored long are grateful. What Nature rent asunder long ago, man has joined today.” – Joseph Strauss on Opening Day, The Golden Gate Bridge 1937

This is how we feel about Quick-Seat, Temporary Seating That Closes Itself. We believe that it is a metaphor to build within your retail establishment, your industrial site, your hometown nature walks, and your local places of worship, the perfect bridge to the best customer service, loyalty, reviews and return patronage.

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