“Once upon a time, there was an ant and an elephant who lived in the jungle”, as the story by Yash Jagani begins in this children’s book. But, it got me thinking about Quick-Seat and the other stories about elephants and good luck. We think that Quick-Seat is just the kind of addition to your healthcare environment, industrial site or retail store for both employees and guests when they simply have to sit for a while.

I started thinking about the “trunk up/trunk down” position of the Quick-Seat chair being like the trunk of the elephant.

Far too many people believe that the truck down means that there is no good luck, but we at Quick-Seat do our research diligently. We have discovered that when the elephant’s truck is up, it brings good luck to the individual, however, when the trunk is down, it is said to let good fortune fall along the path to everyone. That is one of our goals, to bring good fortune to our clients.

It is very easy to lose one’s patience, like the elephant in the story, when we are over tired or our feet, lower back or knees are painful, or when our health challenges require us to rest periodically. Without the assurance that there is an easily accessible respite, we may find ourselves limited to where we can and cannot go. Quick-Seat is our ‘elephant’ closed up with its ‘trunk’ up, ready to bring relief to the one who needs to use it in the ‘trunk’ down position.

Then, Quick-Seat keeps working after it easily self-retracts into ‘trunk’ back up, awaiting the next one of your grateful clients, guests or patients. We believe in our product, it’s ease of use, it’s durability and most of all its ability to make your business one that operates on the cutting edge of excellence. Quick-Seat, Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.

The legends of ancient India held that Elephants created the clouds; Clouds bringing the good fortune of rain for the crops. Now let the Quick-Seat Elephant Trunk bring good fortune to your business.

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