We’ve all heard that old expression “Up against the wall”, which typically means that we are up against some challenge where we feel there is no escape. But at Quick-Seat Chair, we know that expression is as delightful as the 1991 movie, Up Against The Wall, starring Ron O’Neal, and Marla Gibbs along with a cast of other fine actors in a morale building movie about finding one’s place in the world.  This movie exemplifies what The Quick-Seat Chair is all about. Finding a place to sit when you really need it. Being ‘up against the wall’ is the perfect place to be if you’re resting your back while sitting on a Quick-Seat Chair. This space saving, self-retracting, temporary chair can be easily floor mounted using our special bracket, or installed ‘up against a wall’ with no special tools. Sometimes in life, “fitting in” can a very difficult adjustment especially when moving to a new home, which is the problem that the main character faces in this film. That is NOT the case with the Quick-seat Chair that can fit into so many places quite easily, including underneath standard height handrails and in a variety of locations, such as elevators and ambulances. The Quick-Seat Chair is a wonderful way for professional areas, nature walks, malls, and large retail stores to participate in community based “Fall Prevention Programs” in their endeavor to prevent falls by providing safe seating to visitors who simply just need a place to sit, or become unexpectedly fatigued.

Blue Quick-Seat Against Wall

The movie, Up Against The Wall is a family movie that takes place in a suburban town much like any other suburban town where people face challenges, and celebrate victories every day. We celebrate our product. We know that it helps people. Those who use it, and those who provide it as a safe haven in their commercial environments because they care about their patrons. The protagonist in this heartwarming movie might just have found his place in his new suburban home more easily had he been able to find a quiet reflective place to think. He just needed to find a Quick-Seat Chair, the perfect chair for anyone who just needs to sit awhile with its ample sitting surface of 20” x 14”. We hope to see Quick-Seat Chairs ‘up against walls’ all around the country doing what it does best.

New Home


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