If you haven’t already seen the new Jumanji movie starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson, make some popcorn and get ready for a truly fun adventure. And don’t skimp on the butter. Just make sure you don’t get stuck in the jungle.

Dwayne’s character, along with three other awkward high school teens are drawn into an old video game which is an all too real alternate reality that won’t let them escape until they complete the game’s programmed task and yell out “Jumanji”. There is a plethora of secret powers and gadgets assigned to each of the characters that help them solve the challenges all along the winding and dangerous path, including an arch enemy who must be overcome in order for them to find their way back.

We can’t offer you any secret powers but we can offer you the perfect “gadget” to help you get out of the work-place jungle. If you have a vivid imagination, it’s easy to envision some of your own harrowing experiences wending your way through a daunting work environment, long corridors lined with industrial supplies, long lines of people standing on line, waiting on line for your turn after being on your feet all day, having no place to sit after you’ve been told you are number 72 and they are only on number 35. These endless combinations of possible scenarios really do make you feel like you’re ‘stuck in the jungle’.

Whether you are an employee, a guest or a visitor it will not take long for you to realize that what you are experiencing is not a game. Now imagine that you are in a position of power because you are a decision maker for your company and add to that the best gadget that we know of… Quick-Seat. The Quick-Seat chair will save the day. Its sturdy composition holds up to 500 pounds on a safe seating surface that measures 20” x 14”, just in case a gorilla decides to join you. The revolutionary design of the Quick-Seat chair is that is self-closes easily without any effort on your part. It is a wall mounted seat but can be installed virtually as well as freestanding on any floor. It fits under hand railings, and even inside emergency rescue vehicles. Quick-Seat installs without any special tools.

Eventually our four intrepid and clever teens complete the game, outsmart the villain and find their way back home. We are sure that when you sit on a Quick-Seat Chair, you too will find your way out of the jungle. Just don’t forget to say, “Jumanji”.

Quick-Seat, when closed, fits up against the wall with a footprint of less than 4 inches from the wall. To learn more about “Quick-Seat, Temporary Seating That Closes Itself”, contact us Today!

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