It seems that “Mall Walking” has evolved over the years to astronomical proportions with well-laid plans, special programs, themes and even membership clubs.

There is a very good reason for this success. The findings were gleaned in a special guide entitled Mall Walking – A Program Resource Guide compiled by the Health Promotion Research Center at the University of Washington State Public Health in affiliation with other important foundations where there is one golden thread which is repeated in several places as an important factor in the success and safety, as well as the longevity of these programs. Simply put, it is the need for having a place to rest for walkers, such as “a route where benches or rest areas are available at periodic intervals” and “malls have level surfaces, and benches for places to rest.”

This extensive research project proved that providing interval seating along walkways is absolutely integral to a safe program, as well as to the traffic infrastructure of any given area where there is a thoroughfare with people traversing it. This informative and engaging reference guide makes it clear that the component of interval seating is absolutely key both for comfort, and safety in these environments. Interval seating just like Quick-Seat, provides the necessary available seating that makes Mall Walking even better. The secure setting of a mall for exercise improves mobility and increases wellness. Being in the familiar and pleasant setting has made “Mall Walking” so popular.

Quick-Seat is the perfect solution for temporary seating and offers the same “periodic intervals for rest”, particularly where there is no floor space for regular chairs or benches. Quick-Seat opens to 18” high, 20” x 14” of sitting surface. When closed, its footprint out from the wall is a mere 3 ¾”.  The best part is that Quick-Seat can be installed on any floor with a wall, or can be used freestanding with our special floor mount. No special tools are required and Quick-Seat will tuck neatly in under standard hand railing to provide seating just as easily.

But the need to rest is not just limited to “mall walkers”, guests, and staff visiting your manufacturing site, patients visiting your health care institution and patrons of your retail establishments will be grateful for Quick-Seat’s thoughtful and effective courtesy. We know you will love the design that can be matched to your color scheme and include your logo.

We at Quick-Seat encourage you to find a Mall Walking Program near you today. Please follow the links to download a free copy of the above referenced guide and other fun related materials.


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Mall Walking- A Resource Guide

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