In the cult classic comedy movie, Ghostbusters, comedic actor Harold Ramos’ serious and dead-pan character, Professor Egon is asked by the adorable Annie Potts if he has any hobbies. His response was, “I collect molds, spores and fungus.”  Now what would have happened if Quick-Seat Self Retractable Chairs were in that scene? Hollywood might never be the same again, and the scene would have gone something like this:

Janine: Do you have any hobbies?

Professor Egon: “I collect molds, spores and fungus.”

Janine: “Well, that’s OK, because we have these lovely Quick-Seat Self -Retractable Chairs here in the office for our clients to sit on and each one is manufactured to meet infection control standards. They are also each in a different color to suit our client’s preferences.”

Professor Egon: “Very interesting”

The scene fades as Janine lightly toe taps her own floor mounted pink Quick-Seat which opens so easily on its own that she can continue to file her pink fingernails. In the meantime, Professor Egon returns to his lab experiment, while a green vaporizing ghost can be seen alighting upon a green Quick-Seat Chair in the background.

We had a bit of fanciful fun to overlay our Quick-Seat Chair into an imagined movie scene. But the reality is that infection control is a serious problem in some environments requiring certain standards and Quick-Seat meets these standards so that there is no need to fear that germs, bacteria, molds, spores or fungus will get you when you aren’t looking.

Quick-Seat provides just the right amount of safe, easy to install, easy to fit in a variety of places, seating for just about any environment. Quick-Seat can also easily be moved to another location if your floor traffic plan changes or your building is remodeled. Quick-Seats are made to last, are durable and made to meet commercial standards so they won’t “give up the ghost” or “leave you in the lurch” when you just need to sit awhile. And although “Lurch” is from The Adams Family movie we couldn’t resist the metaphor and we are certain you won’t be able to resist making Quick-Seat a part of your environment or the star of your own movie.

We give it the Siskel and Ebert 5 Star rating and 2 Thumbs Up!  Contact us to learn more about Quick-Seat today.