Sometimes trying to find a place to sit is like looking for the “All Seeing Eye”. In the 1940 film version of The Thief of Baghdad, a stunning cast of characters come together amidst evil magicians, princesses in distress, an unlikely hero and a foiled prince who is blinded by a spell. The only way out of this dilemma is to find the All-Seeing Eye.  Watching this delightful movie now, it was hard for me NOT to think of the Quick-Seat Chair. Almost like magic it opens and closes itself with the touch of a toe or sleight of hand requiring only 8 mere pounds of pressure to release it from its folded position whether wall or floor mounted. Of course, if our hero were flying around on a magic carpet with a Quick-Seat Chair, he could get the Genie to open it for him. Don’t let me forget to mention that the Quick-Seat Chair can be color matched, even to an Oriental carpet.

The movie has loads of enchanting appeal, including flying mechanical horses and other magical surprises, which brings me back to the Quick-Seat Chair. If you have ever been anywhere and discovered that the walk is too long, or you suddenly feel tired, or you have a longer than anticipated wait which will leave you standing uncomfortably, it would be so much easier to have a Quick-Seat Chair available than to hope that a flying carpet replete with Genie or a flying mechanical horse will suddenly appear out of thin air.



The Quick-Seat Chair may not have made it into a movie yet, but we have a feeling that it won’t be long before someone sees the need for it to have a starring role, because it is perfectly designed to look just as great as it works. It’s sleek hands free, self-retracting and space-saving design creates the perfect scene for any environment where folks just need to sit awhile whether they are waiting for an appointment, trying on shoes, resting along a nature trail or using a mobile phone along a long corridor in an industrial zone. Or, searching for the All-Seeing Eye.  Quick-Seat Chair, with its 3 ¾” footprint when closed, and its 20” x 14” seating area when open is strong enough to hold you, the All-Seeing Eye, or one mechanical flying horse up to 500 lbs. Quick-Seat – “Temporary Seating That Closes Itself”