Even people who don’t like the Opera still flocked to theaters near them to see this 1935 uproarious hit comedy starring the Marx Brothers. Serious opera lovers know, only too well, that feeling of SRO or “Standing Room Only”, that they’ve endured in order to attend a favorite opera at the last minute when all of the seats are sold. More than three hours of standing on one’s feet at nose-bleed height including the intermission, makes one truly appreciate the suffering in Aida, La Boheme’ or La Traviata when your feet begin to hurt. There you are leaning over the handrail for support while your feet feel as if they are about to explode and Musetta, in Act II of La Boheme’ is sitting in the cafe’ complaining that her shoe is causing pain. This is where life imitates art and where we start to have visions of Quick-Seat Chairs ready, willing and able to support last minute frequenters of The Opera.

The Quick-Seat Chair hugs any wall with only a 3 ¾” footprint and gently opens to welcome its new guest with ample seating of 20” x 14”, the perfect solution for an on the spot rest. The other great thing is that if you are holding onto your evening bag, the program and your box of Bon Bons when you head to the concession line during intermission, Quick-Seat Chair simply retracts itself, and with a light toe touch that won’t mar your ‘go to the opera silk pumps when you return,  you can easily sit down and rest before the next act begins.

Harpo Marx

This is more than we can say about the pandemonium that is caused by the Marx Brothers, who are on the trail of a special can of sardines containing stolen pearls. It’s Harpo, however, who really needs the Quick-Seat Chair, because he’s always weighted down with whatever he’s managed to stuff into his heavy overcoat. The Quick-Seat Chair will stand up to hundreds of pounds of purloined salami, bread, and of course, the numerous cans of sardines he’s taken, since it can hold more than 500 lbs. And how about the scene where Harpo plays his harp? The perfect place for a Quick-Seat Chair.  We can’t wait for Hollywood to catch on, and if the Marx Brothers were still with us, we’re certain they would want to include a few on the movie set. We do know one thing and that is that the Quick-Seat Chair is adaptable to so many environments both indoors and outdoors where it can make not only life easier, but where everyone gets to feel like a star.

Quick-Seat Chair – Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.

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