Spies, tight spaces, autos loaded with ejection seats…let’s stop right there, that is, with the ejection seat.  Even spies need to know that when they sit down, they aren’t going to be ejected out into the atmosphere, or there isn’t going to be a trap door dumping them into a dungeon, or that the chair doesn’t have any number of locking devices. The Quick-Seat Chair would make perfect temporary hands free seating in any spy movie regardless of where it is installed because like the perfect spy; it is unobtrusive, effective, gets the job done quietly and then disappears almost out of sight. The Quick-Seat Chair would have been great in any James Bond movie, especially when Bond had to be transported while handcuffed because the Quick-Seat Chair operates hands-free! It can also be installed in various vehicles including ambulances and box trucks. Bond would have loved that Quick-Seat also self-retracts, so important in the spy game. And because Bond gets subjected to so many dastardly elements, he would have loved that the Quick-Seat Chair is safety rated to meet Infection Control standards.

We just know that if Quick-Seat Chair had made it to Hollywood for the James Bond movies, Dr. No would have been Dr. YesThe Spy Who Loved Me would have been The Spy Who Sat On Me, Goldfinger would have been, You Only Need a Finger (To Open a Quick-Seat Chair), From Russia With Love would have been, From Quick-Seat Chair With Love and so on.  With a footprint of only 3 ¾” from the wall when closed, Quick-Seat Chair, that can be color matched to any color scheme, becomes as unassuming as a spy who, plainly dressed, blends in with his environment until just the right moment. Let us not forget that Quick-Seat Chairs can hold an enormous amount of weight-up, more than 500 lbs. James Bond would have been able to use it to escape through windows while carrying heavy scuba equipment on his back or hauling a small collapsible boat or other contraption. He could have opened up Quick-Seat with a light toe tap of his foot, hands-free. Quick-Seat Chairs can be mounted on floors with our special bracket or walls using simple tools. Personally, we think that the Quick-Seat chair works wonders for folks who just need to sit awhile, even if they aren’t spies. We think it deserves an Oscar. Quick-Seat Chair – Temporary Seating That Closes Itself

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