Unlike the 11-day disappearance of beloved fictional mystery writer, Agatha Christie, there is NO mystery surrounding the disappearance of a Quick-Seat Chair. On the cold and frosty evening of December 4, 1926, Agatha Christie wrote a message to her husband and to her secretary before completely vanishing for almost 2 weeks. Why she vanished, why her car was abandoned and found in a ditch off the side of the road a few miles from her home, where she ultimately went and who, if anyone, she was with has never been revealed during the course of her lifetime or afterwards even though the event has been featured in two movies. She never divulged it to anyone, not even to closest friends. The note to her secretary simply stated that she was canceling all appointments. Virtually 15,000 volunteers were dispatched to scour the area as well as a British aerial search. All turned up nothing. What is intriguing is that Agatha Christie was a very shy person who never sought out others and avoided the limelight. It is very difficult to imagine what drove her to create a situation that became an entire news sensation as people frantically tried to find her. Finally, she turned up at a hotel/spa where she was recognized despite her protestations about actually being Agatha Christie. The incident was never spoken of again, not even in her memoirs written 40 years later.

Agatha Christie’s stories continue to entertain mystery buffs even more today than they ever did. But that brings us to Quick-Seat Chair, the chair that always, thankfully, disappears each and every time it is no longer in use. Through its unique design, Quick-Seat Chair, without using a single finger, mysteriously self-closes so that it is out of the way and practically, almost out of sight. You see, except for the 3 ¾” wall projection, Quick-Seat Chair folds almost flush up against the wall; Vanished. This is what makes Quick-Seat Chair the perfect solution to temporary seating. Although it is not able to solve the mystery of Agatha Christie’s disappearance, it does solve the need for your temporary seating problems when you do need the chair to disappear. We think Agatha would approve. Quick-Seat Chair offers ample seating of 20” wide x 14” deep at a height of 18” high when open for seating. We liked this first version of Agatha about her disappearance filmed in 1979 starring Dustin Hoffman and Vanessa Redgrave and we also have enjoyed this new 2018 version, Agatha and the Truth About Murder    #Netflix  

Quick-Seat-Temporary Chair. Seating That Closes Itself