Sometimes we at Quick-Seat Chair wonder if the old Greek Philosophers had the power of vision to see into the future because nowhere is the quote “Necessity is the mother of invention” by Plato more relevant that it is to necessary conveniences and conveyances that fold up easily out of the way to allow for more space while offering great utility. We’re partial, of course, to our own Quick-Seat Chair, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t totally enamored of the inventions of others’ who before us saw the ingenuity of things can be compressed into a tidy fold up position. We’ve had some fun having a little look into the recent past to enjoy “distant cousins” of the Quick-Seat Chair.

The Murphy’s Bed:  Murphy’s Beds have been featured in many old classic movies when “bed sitter” apartments were common back in the day. How many times did someone get folded up into it by mistake to the laughs of the audience? The Murphy’s Bed was invented by William Lawrence Murphy who applied for the patent in 1900. Talk about necessity being the mother of invention, Mr. Murphy invented the fold up bed because he wanted to be able to entertain his sweetheart, an opera singer in his room, but in those days the moral code looked down on women visiting men in their bedrooms!

Murphy Beds Save Space

The Wall-hung Ironing Board: Patents for the first Ironing boards were filed in the 1860’s in a wide variety of styles. Having an Ironing Board that is out of sight and offering much needed space when not in use was truly an invention with women in mind. So much so that it was Sarah Boone who is credited as being the “patented” inventor of the modern Ironing Board in 1882.

The Fold-up Stair Lift Chair: Stair lifts have been around in one form or another since King Henry VIII whose chair conveyed him the palatial flight of stairs but used human power and a pulley system.  In 1923 the first patent appeared when C.C. Crispen designed a stair-lift for an ailing friend which he named, the Inclinator. Pretty clever, we think, especially the newer designs like Quick-Seat Chair that offer more space and safety conscious offerings with their fold up concept.

We at Quick-Seat Chair love space saving, safe solutions that can be retracted when not in use so that they are out of the way, yet readily available. Quick-Seat is Infection Control rated, will hold up to

750 lbs. easily, and you can open it with a light tap of the toe or light finger touch. Quick-Seat Chair has very impressive dimensions of 20” wide x 14” deep, 18” height when open and 30” when retracted back up against the wall which can fit under standard railing leaving only a 3 ¾” footprint from the wall.

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