That being said, and now almost 100 years later with absolutely no disrespect to T. S. Eliot, we at Quick-Seat Chair simply must borrow those captivating and descriptive words to describe one of the best features about our temporary seat, for when one stands up after sitting on it, it closes itself up quietly, effortlessly, and compactly. It closes “Not with a bang, but with a whimper,” with only that little sound that lets you know it’s tucked back up along the wall, almost completely out of sight and safely out of the way until it is needed once again as a little haven of rest for the weary or for those who need a seat in an otherwise space constricted area.

In the twinkle of the fading star...TS Eliot

In 1925 T.S. Eliot wrote the post-World War I poem, The Hollow Men. It was a metaphor describing his view about the effects of war and the men who perpetrated it. It was also required reading in some high-school English Literature classes. One thing that is for certain is that the poem was compelling, intriguing and haunting to say the least, and although it is considered to be fragmented, in its sparsely written style, it was able to convey very clearly the long shadows that Eliot perceived would endure for long years to come. It’s last line, “Not with a bang but with a whimper” would never be forgotten by anyone who had read the poem and especially those that had to study it in the youth of their high-school years.

Although The Hollow Men was not written as a happy thought, we cannot help but take those last few dismal words to help us describe what for many who are tired along a long walk, or dealing with a sudden sense of tiredness anywhere where life may lead them, as a moment of relief. We know that people are always happy to find a Quick-Seat Chair at those moments when they just need to sit awhile and happier still when, instead of hearing a loud clang, Quick-Seat Chair just passes like a cloud back to its closed position, “Not with a bang, but (more) like a whimper.” Quick-Seat Chair offers ample temporary seating of 20” x 14” at 18” height. And, if your hands are full, a light tap with a foot will open it for you. We are certain that T.S. Eliot would know exactly what to say about that.

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Quick-Seat Chair -Temporary Seating That Closes Itself