Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines this classic phrase as “a place where ships may ride secure from storms; a haven; a harbor town”. In a more update definition, “Any port in a storm” can mean that we can find a place of safety and comfort when we need it. It may not be the Ritz-Carlton but if it affords momentary relief from travel of any kind, it kind of describes our Quick-Seat Chair, because that is precisely why Quick-Seat Chair was designed, to afford you or a loved one or your retail guests a short reprieve from fatigue in order to carry on. If that isn’t a port in a storm, then we don’t know what is.

Finding a port in a storm…

What is unique is that Quick-Seat Chair was truly created with people like you and me in mind. Everyday people pursuing everyday activities. It’s not just for those who are physically challenged. On the contrary, it is also for those who travel and want to travel well down life’s pathways, such as runners and fitness aficionados who may need to stop and tie a shoe lace or take a sip of water against the heat. 

Wishing I had a seat….

That’s why it works well along trails and in parks and running paths.

Another perfect place forQuick-Seat

We see Quick-Seat Chair as the perfect solution on the pier for people who are waiting to board a boat. It can be installed easily, and does NOT even need to be covered when not in use in case of inclement weather, so it is always there if your family member or friend need to wait on the pier until ready to be helped aboard.

We see Quick-Seat Chair as making life’s little travels ever so much more possible and easier so they can experience more life. We see it installed anywhere where just being able to sit awhile for a few restorative moments allows folks to carry on with more quality of life. We know that you don’t need to be in the middle of a raging storm at sea in order to benefit from this efficiently designed temporary seat, but we do know that anyone who has ever used a Quick-Seat Chair was totally happy to find it there, waiting to offer them that safe harbor.  It may not be as big as a 35-foot yacht with a butler, but it will do the trick very nicely since it pretty much does everything by itself, self-closing, opening to your light touch with foot or hand and holding you up safely just when you feel a bit let down by fatigue.  It’s a small but ample “ship,” at 20” x 14” x 18” high that will hold you and a very large treasure even if it weighs more than 750 pounds. Happy sailing.

Quick-Seat: Check the trails near you….

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.