How many times have we heard or used that old phrase in reference to a haunted or scary story. In fact, Wikipedia has an entire page dedicated to “Things that go bump in the night,” a phrase taken from  an old Scottish poem.

    Usually, it’s a toe or a shin that goes bump in the night because we’ve managed to bang into a piece of furniture in the darkness and not because we’re in a haunted mansion.  One thing that we can truly say is that although we love a good haunted yarn, we don’t like tripping or stubbing or bruising our shins in the dark.  But, with Quick-Seat Chair, we’ve taken all of the pain, surprise injuries and fear of where we tread out of the picture. In fact, through Quick-Seat’s unique patented design we may have rendered the phrase “Things that go bump in the night,” obsolete.

With Quick-Seat Chair, that little titan of a temporary chair, you never have to worry about stubbing your toe. It simply closes back up against the wall when not in use. Because of its sleek design, it can be installed along hallways, where needed in the garage, even if it’s just a short rest or spot to pull off those muddy or wet shoes, needed before entering the house. Virtually anywhere, you experience a longer than wanted walk in your home, landscape, deck, or as you can see the ideas are endless. Quick-Seat Chair can be installed in a color to match your decor any place where you experience regular stress from walking or standing and where a regular chair simply takes up too much room or simply won’t fit. Quick-Seat Chair dimensions are 14” x 20” x 18” when open and hold more than 750 pounds. And let us not leave out the fact that it is also designed to meet Infection Control Standards. So, although you may enjoy a scary movie with all of the eerie sound effects, we’ve eliminated unwanted things that go bump in the night where you don’t want them.

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary seating that closes itself. Contact us today.