At the end of the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, the main character Captain Jack Sparrow has just recovered his legendary ship, The Black Pearl. While standing at the helm and looking out to sea he say, “What The Black Pearl really is, is freedom.”

We live in a world that is sensitive and helpful to those who have accessibility challenges. Special ramps and parking spaces are now part of ADA designs externally in almost all buildings. Wider hallways and doorways are installed internally, but these help only a part of the mobility challenges. Access is limited by a variety of limitations and we know from experience that people prefer to be independent, and ambulatory rather than not. They want to be able to amble around at their own speed so that they can mosey on down a hall to see a neighbor, or take a short path through a garden gate where they can find a bench. It’s just human nature.    

What we would like to see is more accessibility afforded by our Quick-Seat Chair, with signage so that people know that there is a place to sit along a path whether in a mall, large medical building, elevator, or nature trail. We’d like to see a Quick-Seat Chair seat right next to the sign for wheelchair access. We believe that both are essential in the plight to serve those with a range of physical challenges. We want every person to steer their own ship! We believe people should be as active as possible, and installing Quick-Seat Chairs can do that for every person who has mobility challenges whether they are using a walker, cane or a portable oxygen apparatus.



Waiting for an elevator on Quick-Seat












Quick-Seat Chairs are the most perfect solution because of their unique design and the small amount of space that they use when open, while at the same time offering
ample sitting space. And let’s not leave out that even if we’ve got both hands
on your ship’s wheel, Quick-Seat Chair opens up hands free, and it can be
mounted anywhere against a wall or even free standing on the floor. As Captain
Jack Sparrow said, “Now bring me that horizon.” 
Quick-Seat Chair dimensions are 14” x 20” x 18” when open and holds more
than 750 pounds. Each perfectly designed chair requires a gentle touch to open
with hand or foot and the best part, Quick-Seat closes by itself so you don’t
have to take your hands off the wheel.

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary seating the closes itself.

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