When Paul McCartney wrote the heartrending song, The Long and Winding Road, he was singing about lost love and not a place to sit. But the song would have been entirely different if he was singing about not being able to get off his weary feet on a long trek with no end in sight. Think of all of the times in your life where there was no place to sit. I remember the time back in 1961 when everyone in our town was standing in line to receive the new polio vaccine at our local school, which would be dispensed on a sugar cube.  Although it was so long ago, I can still remember how awful it felt standing in line. At 13, even my little legs were tired. 

Cabbage Patch Dolls
Adam Computer

Throughout our lives we stand in line for many different reasons. The year that Cabbage Patch dolls came out and mothers everywhere were on line before sunrise to insure that their daughters would get one for Christmas, or that their sons would get the new Adam computer before they sold out. However, it is essential to keep in mind that these events are during our youth, having good health and sometimes even for something fun at the end of the wait.

However, there is nothing more uncomfortable or frightening than when someone begins to feel weak or they become suddenly tired needing to rest or else being physically compromised. Naturally, we all have our “standing in long lines for long times” stories, but some seem to stand out more vividly than others. Knowing I was going to get a sugar-cube at the end of my travail helped to mitigate the seemingly endless wait.

Yet for many others who have stamina, but a stamina that declines unexpectedly, finding a little oasis for rest is just so reassuring. If people knew ahead of time that a doctor’s office, or a medical building, or nature walk, mall or apartment complex had strategically installed Quick-Seat Chairs, that would be a win-win situation. People could get about more with confidence, and venues would have an increased appeal making those locations more desirable.

We understand that having a Quick-Seat Chair at a particular location may not be the same thing as knowing you’re going to get to meet your favorite celebrity-or that Elvis is going to appear, however, we do know that for you or a loved one with fragile health or moderate mobility issues, Quick-Seat Chair will be all the celebrity you need.  Quick-Seat Chairs install easily, fold up flush to the wall with a foot-print of only 3 ½ inches. They are attractive when folded up in a color that suits your decor and shows your company logo. They open to offer a seat 14” x 20” to a height of 18” and, are also easy to clean to support quality Infection Control standards.

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Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary seating that closes itself.