Maybe Amelia Earhart’s Plane’s Light???

On August 7, 2019, Dr. Robert Ballard set out with his crew in search of Amelia Earhart’s plane. Confident that he knows exactly where the plane is located, he feels certain that with his up to date, state of the arts equipment and his highly trained staff, he will succeed. After all, he did find Titanic in 1985, something others thought impossible, and subsequently more than 18 other ships lost to sea. Quite an impressive record of success! The search will be made deep in the waters off the coast of Nikumaroro Island. The description of what the crew experiences during this search is not for the weak at heart. Working in 10 hour shifts, Ballard’s team will be searching for the Electra using sonar technology. They will have to be quiet, focused and patient. The island is merely the tip of the side of a mountain beneath the sea that goes to a depth of 10,000 feet and is full of troughs, valleys and ridges that can obstruct sonar signals. It is the equivalent of looking for a needle in a haystack at night with only a flashlight. Even though they have the most sophisticated electronic imaging equipment and drones available, it is not going to be an easy task. The entire world is waiting and hoping for the discovery of the plane so that, perhaps, Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan’s story can be told without speculation. We’ll be watching and so can you. Click to learn more.

Here at Quick-Seat Chair, the one thing we don’t ever want is for anyone to feel that awful sinking feeling of not having a place to sit when it is necessary. We don’t want them to feel like they’re on a mission to find something as hard to locate as Amelia Earhart’s plane.

We have all too often heard someone say that they would love to be able to go for a walk like they used to, whether it’s on a nature trail or indoors at a mall, only to follow up their sentence with a sigh and the following words that express how disappointed they were because although there were benches along the way, the seating was always taken. 

Outdoor Spaces

Quick-Seat Chairs offer a comfortable little retreat that you can enjoy singularly and safely, making life more mobile. It is our professional experience that no one wants to be relegated to using a wheelchair when all they really need is the reassurance that there is safe seating available whether in the home or out on the town. Quick-Seat Chairs are not only for a geriatric population, or those who are ill. They are useful to just about anyone. If you’ve ever twisted your ankle and found that your ankle is fine with normal use but, while its healing, you find that it may get sore if you’ve been walking or standing more than usual, like a long walk in a parking lot to the front door of your favorite restaurant and then having to wait for your table, which causes your ankle’s pain to start up. A Quick-Seat Chair would offer a welcome reprieve.

Safe seating should never be as hard to locate as Amelia Earhart’s plane and we envision that one day, Quick-Seat Chairs will be easy to find for everyone!

394033 03: (FILE PHOTO) Amelia Earhart stands June 14, 1928 in front of her bi-plane called “Friendship” in Newfoundland. Carlene Mendieta, who is trying to recreate Earhart’s 1928 record as the first woman to fly across the US and back again, left Rye, NY on September 5, 2001. Earhart (1898 – 1937) disappeared without trace over the Pacific Ocean in her attempt to fly around the world in 1937. (Photo by Getty Images)

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Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary seating that closes itself.