Often in my scribblings about Quick-Seat Chair, the question arises about how to refer to someone who sits on a Quick-Seat Chair. I’ve referred to them as guests, customers, patrons, patients etc., depending on where a Quick-Seat Chair may be installed, but the other day while pursuing one of my favorite pastimes, the Crossword Puzzle, I was presented with a question to answer for 16 Across, “Standee’s wants.”  My first inclination was that they must be referring to Quick-Seat Chair! Naturally, I located number 16 Across which had 5 letters. Obviously, “Quick” fits right into the space, but it didn’t fit the “Down” words. What did fit was the next closest thing, “Seats.” That’s pretty close and one day, I’m certain that Quick-Seat Chair will make it to the London or New York Times crosswords-that is as soon as they figure out how important Quick-Seat Chairs will be for guests to The Tower of London or Buckingham Palace.

In the meantime, I was excited to learn a new word to describe those people desirous of that coveted place to sit when fatigue or pain takes over, “Standee.”  One is a standee while standing on line or while waiting somewhere. The very word “Standee” refers to someone who expects to find a seat of some kind at any given location or when standing on line. 

I was glad to learn a word to reflect the harsh reality of the difficulty in standing when you don’t want to or when you need to sit. Is this how some establishments refer to their clients, customers or visitors. “Standees?” Would they say “We have several “Standees” instead of several guests? When I gave that a lot of thought-it’s amazing how much thinking a crossword puzzle can produce-truly I didn’t like the way it sounded, aside from now knowing a technical term for a standing person. But being referred to as a mere “Standee,” just didn’t sit right with me. Pardon the pun.

I reflected back on my preferred use of referring to those who find comfort in our small temporary oasis, the Quick-Seat Chair, as guests. So much more refined. I went back and changed the answer in the crossword puzzle not caring that it didn’t fit the “Down” word correctly, but liking the fact that it fit just right for me, yet confident that the whole concept of Quick-Seat chair is to afford safe and temporary seating for those who need it. We would never think of our valued customers as “Standees,” they will always be guests.

Man on Quick-Seat

Does your business need a place for “Standees”? If yes, with Quick-Seat- they’ll become your guests!  

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary seating that closes itself.