A Trip to Ireland is Reminiscent of the Quick-Seat Chair

Have you ever been to Ireland to kiss the legendary Blarney Stone?  Then you know what a long-line wait is all about. Thousands upon thousands of tourists’ flock to Ireland to kiss the Blarney Stone in the hopes of something meaningful and magical happening for them or as the legend portends, to simply become more eloquent.

The wait time is long along the parapet with as many as 1100 people per day waiting on line. It’s true that you have to be fit enough to be lowered upside down to kiss The Blarney Stone, however, I’m fit as a fiddle and a bit of an athlete. It didn’t mean, though, that with a minor knee injury I would want to stand the whole time for over an hour. Now here’s where a few Quick-Seat Chairs would have come in very handy and they would fit right under the railing along the way easily using a floor mount.

It’s not difficult to envision the color green on the Emerald Isle, but it’s even easier to envision a bright green Quick-Seat Chair when your knee or ankle or some low back tenderness starts to invade your otherwise happy anticipation. You know that saying “Not for the weak?” We know from personal experience that Quick-Seat Chair is for everyone and anyone who just needs to sit awhile for any variety of reasons. And I sure could have used one that day.

There are 7 reasons suggested to kiss The Blarney Stone in this great article, and double that for installing a Quick-Seat Chair if you or someone you love needs a little help along their daily rounds. Had there been a Quick-Seat Chair available that day, it would have gotten a kiss and that would have been almost as good as kissing The Blarney Stone. If you think that a Quick-Seat Chair isn’t one of the best things to come around the bend, well, that’s a lot of Blarney! For Industrial, Residential, Retail, Recreational, Medical and Healthcare, and natural environmental use. Contact us today!

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary seating that closes itself.

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