It’s hard to believe that it was the markings on a horse that emerged from the Yellow River that were seen by the first emperor of China, more than 3,000 years ago and which ultimately inspired the discovery of today’s binary computer language and a method of life strategy. This strategy system helped to guide governmental decisions during the Three Kingdom War and more.  The Yellow Emperor studied these strange markings and discerned that they had a specific meaning. These became the eight trigrams of the Ba Gua – a kind of map that is attached to 64 possible scenarios in typical life and court life of ancient China offering the best way to proceed according to a strong moral code. The I Ching is still studied today and found to be very useful. It was in the late 17th century that philosopher and mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz discovered the genius behind the I Ching’s composition.

Gottfried Wilhelm Von Leibniz

He was trying to devise a simple mathematical system to replace the standard decimal system and instead discovered the binary language which is spoken by every computer system and artificial intelligence that is in use today.

When you look at the trigrams of the I Ching with their broken and straight lines _____ or ___   ___ what you are looking at is a series of 0’s and 1’s. All you have to do is turn the trigrams or hexagrams on their side and you’ll see the binary of each.  Further studies of the I Ching have uncovered a connection to the 64 codon of DNA.  All this from a horse!

This got us thinking. Does Quick-Seat Chair have a connection to the I Ching? We decided to take a look as deep as The Yellow Emperor did when looking at our friend, the river horse. And, we had a bucket of fun playing with the numbers. Remember that 64 is the deciding factoring number. If we take the 30” height of Quick-Seat Chair when folded up and times that by the 20” width of the chair while folded up, we have 600 as our result. Next we multiply the 20” wide seating area from the wall to front seat edge of the chair which is 14” and we have 280 as our result. Add them together and we have 880. Divided by 64, we get the number 14, the sitting area. If we utilize the 18” height and divide it by 3 for the three lines in each trigram, we get the result of 6, the number of lines in each hexagram. Now, we have rounded up the numbers over .5, but we think it’s pretty obvious that our Quick-Seat Chair is also, interestingly enough, I Ching compatible, as well as compatible with just about every environment where one could possibly need temporary and easily stored safe seating. I Ching Kit not included, but then again you don’t need one. All you need to do is simply sit on a Quick-Seat Chair.

Quick-Seat- Anywhere you need it!

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary seating that closes itself.

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