This famous quote was said to Mary Astor by Humphrey Bogart, as gumshoe detective Sam Spade in the Lux Radio Theater version of The Maltese Falcon, right after he telephoned the police to come and take Bridgett O’ Shoughnessy away for murder. He had turned her in and she was still trying to get him to relent and save her from prison. “Kiss me, Sam, kiss me.” Brigid says, hoping that Sam will take mercy on her by relying on his love for her. But it doesn’t work. Sam Spade is a real cool character and although he presents a certain shadiness necessary in his business of detecting, Sam is a real straight arrow. Sam’s response for the favor of that kiss was, “It is something to do while waiting, baby, for the cops to come and take you away.” 

“It is something to do while waiting, baby, for the cops to come and take you away.” 

Although we never want our clients to have to wait for anything, especially a kiss; we do think that getting a kiss while waiting goes a long way to making the wait feel a whole lot better…in the same way that discovering that there is a Quick-Seat Chair right in the vicinity when and where you need it, brings a whole lot of relief. And, that’s one of the things that we tell potential customers. In a customer-based, patient-based or professional setting, how your business provides and ranks in customer oriented service is vital. We now live in ‘transparent times’ and customers have more clout than ever. Would you want to risk not giving them the very best and gleaning for yourself the reputation that customer or patient care is your benchmark?  There is a reason why the word benchmark is so important, as it refers to a standard by which one thing is compared to something else. We love the word “bench” because it refers to something upon which to sit. The Quick-Seat Chair is our best exemplary “benchmark” that we feel has no comparison when you may be standing in a space and needing to sit for a while.  Being able to simply and easily release it from its folded position, it is the most convenient small seating platform ever created,  and although maybe not be as good as a kiss, our Quick-Seat Chair will sure run a close first. And, you’ll be ‘sitting pretty’ as the old saying goes. At Quick-Seat Chair, we can’t include a kiss with every purchase, but we feel reasonably sure that it won’t be long before you ‘have your cake and eat it too’. Even though we’ve used a lot of fun old cliché’s to tell you about Quick-Seat Chair, there is nothing cliché’ about what it offers. Just remember that ‘anything good’ can happen, while you’re sitting on a Quick-Seat Chair, maybe even a kiss.

Quick-Seat….Always there when you need it!

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary seating that closes itself. Contact us today to learn more for your business.