This great old song just seems to crop up in the strangest places, in old movies, new movies, TV commercials, and now it’s turning up here. Naturally, when I have an image of the soldiers on foot, my feet start to ache and so does my back. As the song goes, Tipperary was a long way off and so is a place to sit sometimes. So often, when we plan a road-trip, we want to know what the distance is between places to stop and eat and fuel up and if there are not sufficient rest stops or gas stations, we change our route. No one likes to feel stranded or without some form of comfort. In our vast experience in the health care industry, and as we enter the retail industry, we are keenly aware that ‘accessibility’ is very much part of the new design of things. We live in a world where everyone must be able to have access to places to sit whether employees, customers or staff. And, just like those individuals who rely on  wheelchairs need to know that retail outlets and other venues have wheelchair access, those who are ambulatory but who may need to sit for other reasons, need to know that these venues are ‘accessibility friendly,’ as they plan their visit.

If only we had a Quick-Seat….

Quick-Seat Chair makes providing temporary seating a breeze because of its specially patented design. We are not comparing it to a private car on the Orient Express, but our careful research resulted in the special dimensions that were used to create Quick-Seat Chair, along with the easiest means of opening our specially patented temporary seating solution. Notice that we don’t mention closing it back up. The unique design includes a self-closing mechanism so that all one has to do is simply stand up and leave. Quick-Seat Chair will never leave you in the lurch. Will never let you down, and will safely hold you for as long as you need to sit there. It is, the Orient Express of temporary seating!

“It’s a long way to Tipperary, it’s a long way, I know.

Up ahead there’s a Quick-Seat Chair, and in that direction I’ll go.

A Quick-Seat Chair, is just over there and what a relief it will be,

Now, it’s not such a long, long way to Tipperary, not for me!”

We envision a world where venues everywhere see the need for accessibility amenities for everyone.

Monument in Tipperary Town

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary seating the closes itself. Contact us today!