NASA hopes you are! With its fun, interactive and engaging program called, The Citizens Globe Observer, you are sure to become one. They’ve even developed a special app so that your observation deck is anywhere you are with your mobile phone.

Including when you’re on a Quick-Seat Chair.  It’s been a successful program since it started in 2016 and they would love to have more participants. You can sign up to participate in other programs as well. We’ve provided this easy link.  It’s been said that those individuals who look up the sky or enjoy the wonders of nature seem to have an expanded awareness of the world around them along with a sense of hope. Perhaps that’s why since the dawn of man, people have looked to the stars and for inspiration and guidance as well as navigation. We feel more hopeful if we can look out towards a horizon.

Ever since the Sci-Fi era of the 1950’s we have been stargazers and even storm watchers. Astronomy clubs exist in almost every major city. We’ve been inspired by people like Galileo and St. Francis, who was known to talk to the Sun and Moon, referring to them as sister and brother.  In our search for all things “stargazing,” we discovered it was back in 1600 Cornwall that the sea side villagers of Mousehole were starving, and one of them, Tom Bowcock braved the icy and stormy waters to go out and catch fish to feed the village, one dangerously cold December 23rd.  When he returned, his boat laden with large sardines, he baked the fish into  pies so that the heads of the fish appeared to look upward to the sky, and Stargazy Pie was born. So popular was this comforting food with a fun name,  that it has appeared in children’s story books, won  Chefs prizes on The Great British Menu show and was also a featured recipe in the hit Brit TV series Pie in the Sky. Star Gazing, along with good food must be one of life’s most simplest of pleasures, as well as a comfy place to sit. Why else did so many Sci-Fi movies make their way to the silver screen, while lovers seated in their 1950’s cars gazed up at the stars? Now, if only to find a way to make a vegan Stargazy Pie!

Stargazy Pie

How did we at Quick-Seat Chair come across the NASA program? We were creating  a Pinterest “pin” featuring our Quick-Seat Chair Time Traveling Team, who were looking for quick and fun activities to do while waiting, when we came across the program. Waiting can be difficult. We understand that more than anyone, which is why Quick-Seat Chair was invented in the first place and why we were so happy to find the NASA program for our customers to make their wait time a little more fun. We envision loads of Quick-Seat Chairs in sky blue with lots of stars on them, strategically placed so people can be safely seated with something to inspire them.


Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary seating that closes itself.

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