How we have all used that age old phrase in one way or another, “We’ll be in Seventh Heaven,” if we can just win that contest, buy that new house, get engaged on a birthday, etc., “we’ll be in Seventh Heaven.” Or, we find ourselves in love and that surely feels like being in “Seventh Heaven.”   The Miriam-Webster’s Dictionary definition of Seventh Heaven is: “A state of overwhelming, usually pleasurable, emotion.”   Like all ideal-isms, wishes, hopes and dreams-come-true, each experience is relative to the person perceiving them based on their own relative conditions.

Could our Quick-Seat Chair be considered a “Seventh Heaven?”  Could it be that when someone is simply in need of a place to sit and a Quick-Seat Chair is available before their legs give way or they feel faint, that the realm of the Quick-Seat Chair is now thought of as being sent from heaven, Seventh Heaven? What we do know about our humble yet amazing Quick-Seat Chair is that the idea of really providing relief where no other relief may be possible, is one of the aspects that went into the original plans while they were still ideas floating around in the atmosphere. We wanted to make the world a better place, one tiny oasis of rest and security at a time, by making sure that people could find a place to sit where and when they truly needed it.

If you or a loved one, whether an elderly parent or a child, have ever suddenly been overcome with a fear of fainting or weakness, then you know first-hand how dreadful it feels to have to look around for a place of respite. And, along with it the fear of not being able to get that loved one somewhere quick enough to avoid a fall while providing a place of safe-keeping until help arrives. In an alternate scenario, one that gives US a sense of Seventh Heaven is when a Quick-Seat Chair is right there in close view and access, doing the job it was meant to do, offering much needed relief. And further, relief that passes all safety and health required standards. Quick-Seat Chair would definitely fit the apt description above of feeling like Seventh Heaven, or at least one of its little outposts. The scenario would then play out with you being able to say to your loved one, “It’s OK Mom, here’s one of those Quick-Seat Chairs, only a few steps away. You can rest here for a little while, while I telephone for help.”  Now, that’s a scenario that we like.

Although sitting on a Quick-Seat Chair may not be the same as being in a plush Stratolounger or Hollywood chaise lounge, we know from personal experience that just having that relief will fit Miriam-Webster’s definition of Seventh Heaven, even if just for a few minutes. And that’s a heavenly feeling to us.

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.

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