The phrase “Space Age Technology” came about in the late 1950’s with the launch of Sputnik in 1957. When we weren’t building “Fall-Out Shelters,” we were attending the movies every weekend to be entertained by the massive amounts of “Space Age” Sci-Fi movies that began to hit the silver screen, with Mars invasions, The Blob, Plan 9 From Outer Space and an unending stream of movies to excite and terrify us on the edge of our seats. In fact, we secretly still watch them and they never cease to entertain.

The Blob- Courtesy Wikipedia

The “Space Age” is defined as being the era that ushered in not only space travel and space technology, but it also became a catch-phrase for anything of revolutionary design that would save space, time and energy, whether it was going to the moon or only as far as your kitchen or garage. We think that qualifies the Quick-Seat Chair as fitting into the “saves time, space and energy” category.

And with the new interest in the classic TV series Dr. Who, the Time Lord who travels through time and space in a time machine, we seem to be right on time. Pardon t

he pun! The Quick-Seat Chair, in a way, is a timeless mechanism that a very long time from now will still work in just about any environment, unless we start having chairs that simply float down from the ceiling when we need them! The humble but carefully designed Quick-Seat Chair installs easily in only a few minutes, takes up almost no space at all, and closes itself “floating” back up against the wall where it doesn’t interfere with wall hangings and can be color matched to blend in with decor, if desired.

Space Walk

Recently, we became very interested in NASA and love all of the exciting activities that are available on their site and through mobile apps that make it possible for NASA enthusiasts to interact and participate in NASA activities. There’s even a NASA newsletter and because we want all of our Quick-Seat Chair friends out there to never miss any news, we encourage you to sign up on the NASA website. Only recently we received news about the International Space Station, that is just chocked full of photos, news and downloads, enough to keep any outer-space aficionado entertained for hours. If you download their mobile app and find yourself waiting atop a Quick-Seat Chair, you can log in, using your “Space Age Technology,” (smiling) we’re referring to the Quick-Seat Chair, and spend your time with thousands of others who are also tuned in to the latest interactive NASA news. Quick-Seat Chairs meet Infection Control Standards, which will also protect you from The Blob and “Space Bacteria!”

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