If you have ever had a knee injury, then you know just how frustrating it can be while it heals, and more than that, how painful. Knees are very tricky joints because just when you think your injury is all better, you get a phone call, or a text message only to discover that you must go and visit someone in the hospital. That’s what happened recently to me. Off I went to visit the patient not taking into consideration that I would have to walk the distance from the parking lot on hard macadam and then along a very long hard cold marble floor before arriving at the elevator, and then, yet another long walk down another long corridor before finally reaching my destination. Get the picture? On the first day, my knee felt fine, but by day three, the cold hard fact regarding the cold hard floor was, that it had completely destroyed all of the healing of the past month when I had been taking things easy. Frankly, I was out of commission with a very angry knee, which left me needing to rest. Have you ever been in that situation?

Far too often, we think that people requiring therapeutic seating are sufferers of chronic illness or injuries, but all too often they’re people who are most of the time in great shape. My experience confirmed what I’ve been trying to convey for a very long time, and that is, you just never know when a bad turn of an ankle or a sudden moment of faintness will have you needing a place of respite.

I recently decided to catch up on some on-line reading when on my screen there appeared an absolutely gorgeous water color painting of an oyster. I love these little creatures and the metaphor they bring about grit under pressure being the stuff that pearls are made of. I started doing a little more exploration as thoughts of running away to the Caribbean danced through my head like visions of sugarplums. Ann Morrow Lindbergh, the widow of famous aviator Charles Lindbergh in her book,Gift from The Sea, writes about another kind of metaphor inspired by the humble oyster. She saw oysters as representing homes that expand to contain all of the children as a family grows. Not that the home was necessarily beautiful, or even big enough, just functional. I had read that book many years ago and made oysters my own personal ‘by the sea’ favorite creature. Is it any wonder why my mind, in the midst of pearls and oysters and sore knees and long walks and the challenges in trying to pry open an oyster to get at the “pearl of great price” inside, that my mind turned to our Quick-Seat Chair while reading an article about “oystering?” by the well-known motivational speaker of Unlocking Your Quantum Powers, Dr. Jean Houston.

Oystering Tongs

Although Quick-Seat Chairs are available in pearl white, you won’t need a special pair of ‘oystering tongs’ as the above article describes, to pry it open.

In fact, the Quick-Seat Chair opens with the lightest of touch, and although you won’t find a pearl of great price tucked inside, you will find a place of rest should you find yourself with a sore knee or other problem that requires you to rest a few minutes. And, that’s even better! If you’re a business owner or executive of a large medical facility, visitors will truly give you that 5 Star rating when asked to take your survey if they have needed a place to sit and found a Quick-Seat Chair.

The long hospital corridors we all walk.

I thought to myself on those long hospital corridor walks that if I could just stop midway, rest my knee and then finish my journey, my knee may not have required an entirely new healing period. I also wondered how I could find myself in one of the most prestigious hospitals in the area and yet that no matter how up to date their facility may be, no one had taken into consideration the necessity for a respite during the long walk. Everything in life is relative.

If only, there had been a Quick-Seat….

To a person needing to sit before a calamity occurs, a Quick-Seat Chair can, indeed, be a pearl of great price. They take up almost no space, require little effort to open, no effort to close, since they close automatically, and offer a haven of safety and relief. There’s already enough grit and pressure in the world, so we designed a “pearl” of a solution. Maybe it’s time to get a Quick-Seat in your organization today!

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