Thanks to NASA and it’s program,  out there in deep space located in the Cetus (pronounced Seat-Us) constellation there’s a star named Quick-Seat Chair. It’s even got the Quick-Seat Chair tagline, “Always There When You Need It” included with its registration, and we’ve got the requisite Certificate of Authenticity on the wall looking very smart, indeed.

Buzz Aldrin Saluting the Flag. Apollo 11

While Neil Armstrong referred to the Apollo 11 landing as “One small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind,” we at Quick-Seat Chair feel that we are changing the lives of people one Quick-Seat Chair at a time. We are changing the way that people think of space, not outer space, but daily living space, and space that people occupy when they are away from home. NASA discovers more about outer space every day, and we discover ways to incorporate Quick-Seat Chair in places that we hadn’t thought about before. We’ve never heard of anyone wasn’t happy to find a Quick-Seat Chair when they needed it, or a business who wasn’t glad that they installed one for the helpful respite of their patients or patrons.

Originally designed for the health care industry, now it is used in varied business settings such as veterinary offices, cashier stations, retail outlets including shoe stores, fast food chains and even, emergency vehicles. Many of our happy clients are caring business owners who recognize that in order to keep their clients and guests comfortable during busy times,  the installation of a strategically placed Quick-Seat Chair, can help things flow better.  And, their patrons and guests are very appreciative.

Quick-Seat in Action

Would we love to partner up with NASA to see all of the exciting places where a Quick-Seat Chair would work wonders? You bet! For instance, in zero-gravity, a Quick-Seat Chair would remain in its closed position rather than coming away from the wall. In that way, we can say that Quick-Seat Chair is “space age technology.”  We believe that if NASA heard about Quick-Seat Chair through one of it’s representatives who came across one during a typical day out shopping or waiting for a food order, that they would  want to suggest it to NASA for various on-site locations-not just in outer space. Secretly, we’re hoping for the space station!

We give Quick-Seat Chair our own 5 Star rating because of its simple yet functional design. Star number 1: Because such simplicity and ease of use always rates first. Star number 2:  Quick-Seat Chair never imposes itself on its environment. Like guests who arrive on time, are pleasant and always leave you feeling better than before they arrived, Quick-Seat Chair installs where most needed in places where chairs would not fit, then closes back up quietly and out of the way. Star number 3: Quick-Seat Chairs are easy to install either on the wall or on the floor and require no special tools. Star number 4: Quick-Seat Chairs can be color matched to blend in with your professional or residential décor, and businesses will like the fact that a business logo can be custom embossed, as well. Star number 5: Quick-Seat Chairs can be installed both indoors and out and can hold up to and over 500 lbs, are easy to clean and open hands-free.

Five Star Rating!

We’re giving a 5 Star rating to NASA for creating the Staracle program, where you, too, can get a free star named for a loved one or your own business. We encourage you to visit the website and when you input the information, be sure to indicate your choice to be notified by email of when your special star will be visible in the night sky.

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, Quick-Seat Chair.

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself

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