I love this catchy, fun, but these days, rarely heard phrase. I first heard it in an audio mystery on a cassette recording years ago. And, since those times that I’ve used the phrase, I’ve gotten some strange looks from people not familiar with classic phrases of past eras. It’s hard for me not to think about Quick-Seat Chair when I use the phrase even when I’m talking about an entirely different subject because I know that people around the globe who have found themselves in need of a place to sit have felt just like they were sitting in “The Catbird Seat.”

Here is the Miriam Webster Dictionary’s partial list of definitions for Catbird Seat. Advantage, better, high ground, upper hand, vantage and also “drop” and “pull.”  Drop and pull, are not a part of Quick-Seat Chair design, for each one is uniquely designed to simply open easily, out and down to its comfortable height with comfortable and ample seating dimensions. There is no “pull” involved; Only a light touch. And, never a “drop,” as Quick-Seat Chair opens ‘not with a bang but with a whimper,’ a quote from the poem The Hollow Men by T. S. Elliot.  Now that really puts you in The Catbird Seat even before you sit on it.

A funny story about the Catbird Seat is from Baseball’s legendary broadcaster, Red Barber, who used the phrase quite a bit. It seems that the phrase appeared in a story written by author James Thurber whose character, Mrs. Barrows, used it, while another character in the same story referred to the phrase as having been heard by Mrs. Barrows while listening to Red Barber.

Red Barber, Legendary Baseball Broadcaster

Later, when asked, Red Barber said he had first heard about it in a novel by James Thurber. This is what they refer to in space tech talk as the “Bootstrap” effect, or the “Chicken before the egg” conundrum. Rest assured that when Quick-Seat Chair was first conceived, it was with the conviction to provide safe, easy to access seating for “folks who need to set awhile.” This was the basis. We wanted Quick-Seat Chair to give guests, patients and retail customers in various venues the best advantage when wait times or long passageway walks made life precarious. We have found that people from all ages, backgrounds and consumer needs have learned from first-hand experience, that Quick-Seat Chair has truly put them in the Catbird Seat, right where and when they need it.

In very long hallways, Quick-Seat is the Catbird Seat we need!

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Quick-Seat Chair. Always There When You Need It.

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