There’s something about being out on the ocean with its crests resembling floating sapphires or the placid stillness of a lake or river as a boat quietly navigates along a shore line. I know of few people who don’t love to be on the water in some sort of watercraft with the sea air around them and that unique sense of freedom.

Many years ago I attended a rare production of the Chinese opera, Peach Blossom Land, about two lost fishermen who find themselves in a secret and hidden village where time has stood still.

Peach Blossom Theatrical Production

An idyllic story of magic and love. Through the skillful talent of the stage prop designers, yards of diaphanous silk, dyed sea blue, and arranged across the stage to create aisles, was ingeniously made to look like water lapping alongside boats that the fishermen appeared to be rowing along. The water-like effects created by large fans off stage was spell-binding in itself as the audience sat as mesmerized in their seats as if they may have been as passengers in a real boat. It was easy to slip entirely into the story and become lost in the sheer beauty of it. For the audience, time, like that for the fisherman did seem to stand still. The key phrase, however, isn’t Peach Blossom Land, but ‘stood still,’ because far too often we’re on a lovely boat, but it falls very short in the seating department, especially if it’s a fishing or speed boat and one is forced to stand up along the railings when one would rather be seated.

The Quiet River of Peach Blossom Land

And such is the case that I have found myself in on so many occasions out boating with friends. Often times there’s a boat picnic planned for the outing and this is where it really gets tough. Standing and eating. No one really likes to do that, especially in a boat, lovely as boating may be. So, I did a little research.   

The size of typical fiberglass boat seats and even theater seats can vary by quite a difference but what I have found out is that by comparison Quick-Seat Chair is no slouch in the seating area and height department. In fact, in many of the prominent theater seats, Quick-Seat Chair was ½ inch higher, a definite plus. Since Quick-Seat Chair has made its way out to the wooden railings of nature trails, and into the mechanical interiors of emergency vehicles, it can also provide ample, fold-up seating to make any boat outing more enjoyable and when you add in the boat-picnic and need for more stability when “bounding over the main,” Quick-Seat Chair will not leave you in the lurch. Literally.

Quick-Seat…Wherever You Need It!

To learn how to add Quick-Seat Chair to your boat or elsewhere, contact us today!

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.

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