If you watch movies from the 1930’s or movies with vintage themes, especially British lighthearted comedies with the catchy phrases that were popular during those times, then it is quite possible that you may have heard of the phrase “Dream Rabbit.” The term came up recently during an episode of the Edwardian comedy by P. G. Wodehouse that follows the exploits of bungling socialite Bertie Wooster and his guardian angel-servant, Jeeves, so brilliantly played by real-life friends, Stephen Frye and Hugh Laurie of the American TV series House. It seems that Bertie was in another one of his blundering escapades when one of his friends saved the day for him and he remarked, “Well, aren’t you the dream rabbit!” It’s often at these random times throughout the day that I’ll hear a song or a phrase or see an image and suddenly Quick-Seat Chair pops into my mind.

As the ultimate temporary seating solution that will fit just about anywhere and seat just about anyone safely, including an 800-pound gorilla (we know because we had it tested and Quick-Seat Chair will hold up to 1000 pounds); it’s very hard not to have it pop into my mind because I’ve often been places when I have experienced this need, myself. Even though Merriam Webster’s dictionary doesn’t have a listing for “Dream Rabbit,” we get its meaning quickly thanks to Bertie Wooster. Bertie is always in a pickle, always at the end of a rope, always involved in some cheeky gambit for either one of his old sweet but divisive aunties who want him to steal silver cow creamers, or get engaged to girls that Bertie is positively allergic to and so on. Bertie frequently ends up having to hide in closets, armoires, and other darned uncomfortable places to avoid his aunties.  And, frankly, Quick-Seat Chair would just save the day if only he had one, or two or three. And, Jeeves, man servant supreme would think nothing of packing them in the roadster along with the silver Tea Service and Bertie’s Rubber Ducky.

The Perfect Hiding Spot…

There’s the time when Bertie had to high-tail it out to a small and cramped potting shed to escape the local constabulary during one of his knight-in-shining-armor escapades, to take refuge over-night. How much more comfortable would he have been if a Quick-Seat Chair was installed there? How much more comfortable would so many of us be if we had one, in a nice green ‘gardeny’ color to match, while we hide out or make surreptitious garden plans in our own shed! And, if your hands are full of garden dirt, Quick-Seat Chair closes all by itself. Sooo much the better. The thing is …Quick-Seat Chairs are the best “Dream Rabbits” ever, solving so many otherwise hopeless seating and space problems that could so easily be avoided even if you aren’t on the run with a purloined silver cow creamer. The only down side is that our “Dream Rabbit” doesn’t come with Jeeves so you will have to get your own Afternoon Tea.

Where is that Cow Creamer Now?

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Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.