That old sweet song came on the radio the other day with Ray Charles’ golden voice sliding over the airways like a cool drink on a hot day.  “Just an old sweet song, keeps Georgia to my mind.”  I forgot to mention that when I heard this song I was standing on line, waiting, waiting, and waiting along with a few others and I noticed that some looked very uncomfortable and yet others were starting to get fidgety. A couple of others were starting to be vocal about it. They would be all right, however, it was the one or two others who were clearly feeling the effects that standing too long can bring on. They needed seats in the cramped area in which we have all found ourselves.

As the song proceeded, the words “Georgia On My Mind” started to become, “Quick-Seat, Oh, Quick-Seat Chair, no sight of you I find. Just to get off my feet awhile, Brings Quick-Seat Chair to my mind.”  If Ray Charles had been waiting somewhere on his tootsies for an interminable time, his well-loved ode to Georgia may never have happened. We are, by nature, creatures of comfort. We rarely choose to put ourselves out on a limb unless there is an award or prize waiting us or at least the promise of a pizza and ice cream night. We’ve all been there. Somewhere on a long errand running day, or a day when we didn’t sleep that well, or we just are not ‘Up to scratch’ when sitting is a requirement, and not a luxury.  Quick-Seat Chairs are able to deliver this little respite very easily and effectively. For businesses of all kinds, putting your customers first with this simple addition to your venue is truly what they call, “Good Will,” for although the original term refers to a profit in the sale of a business, we at Quick-Seat Chair see “Good Will” as what you have to do to generate sufficient customer loyalty in order to gain that profit in the first place. That is truly what looks good on the customer satisfaction balance sheet. Quick-Seat Chair is built on balance with its unique design that can bear more than 800 pounds of weight on a perfectly balanced seat of ample proportions. It easily opens with light touch of finger or foot and always closes itself. The unique design also allows for easy installation, almost anywhere, indoors or out or in RVs, boats and service vehicles. And now, I feel another song coming on.

Always better with a place to rest!

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Quick-Seat Chair Temporary Seating That Closes Itself

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