While watching one of my favorite British TV mystery shows, Midsomer Murders, the title caught my eye, and later the funny scene where Detective Barnaby is taught how to find his “point of balance” by trying to learn a Ballet stance while investigating a murder. I’ve learned over the years, through courses on digital imagery, to see what others don’t see when looking at the same image. Like Detective Barnaby, sometimes it’s not what is there, but what isn’t there, what isn’t apparent, in other words, in the image that one’s eye wants to discover.

Detective Barnaby

Take Quick-Seat Chair, for instance. We see the image of it in terms of where it can fit into an environment, whether indoors or out, or in motion while opening and closing, and even placed in many emergency or recreational vehicles, but what we don’t see is its “point of balance.” The point of balance or center of balance of any object is defined from a quote from Wikipedia as, “Center of balance (COB) is a point with respect to which the object in question is balanced with respect to applied forces.”  And, this is what is not seen until one lightly taps the base of the Quick-Seat Chair, or lightly touches it to open. It’s what happens when the seat is fully open and makes contact with the ground beneath it. This otherwise invisible event can be felt when one sits on a Quick-Seat Chair and finds that it is stable and not wibbly-wobbling, not leaving you to wonder if you’re going to wind up in a tipsy-topple. Now, we would never rest well at Quick-Seat Chair with that!

Truly On Point and Balanced

Here’s where you can witness the phenomena that is Quick-Seat Chair’s “point of balance.” Just watch what it does when it slowly closes itself back up and folds up with each part fitting perfectly and almost flush up against the wall. If the math was off by a mere 1/32 of an inch, Quick-Seat Chair would fall among the ranks of the unstable. Fortunately, perfect design has made that an unnecessary worry and provided you with ample seating, ease of use and ready availability. In short, it has created for you a safe, “Point of balance” upon which you can sit with no worries.  Quick-Seat Chair, making the world a better balanced place, one seat at a time.

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.

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