We don’t think that Otis Redding was actually “Sittin’ On The Dock of The Bay” wasting time, as the classic 60’s hit song suggested, but we do know one thing, the song caught on, people loved it and Otis Redding was a celebrated favorite singer.

The song was so catchy that it’s been used in media over the decades in commercials because of its ‘waiting’ theme. That’s where my mind was headed when the song popped into my mind from nowhere the last time I went with a friend out on a sail, because I had to wait quite a while on the dock (in the harbor not on the bay) until the boat was ready to board.

There may be lots of canvas and knots, but not lots of places to sit….

Sail boats do have loads of canvas covers and knots to undo. So there I was with Otis Redding’s song in my head and visions of Quick-Seat Chair swirling around in it, which I wished I could simply conjure up. Boat docks can be very promising areas with benches and storage units and other accouterments for setting out to sea, yet others can be serviceable but only just bare-bone-basic, hence, the song’s theme and good old Otis in my mind.

Stern Centurion

I remember seeing the original music video with Otis looking like a million dollars singing away, but he was sitting down on the dock with his bare feet dangling over the water even though they didn’t reach it. Now how much more comfortable and cleaner would it have been for Otis to be sitting on a Quick-Seat Chair. And, no fear of a splinter either! Quick-Seat Chairs hold up in the weather, open with a touch if you have to carry the boat picnic hamper and other gear onto the deck, and offers ample seating while you are “Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay” at the boat basin or yacht club waiting to board. You also won’t have to worry about Quick-Seat Chair blowing away during the next gale, not unless the entire boat dock achieves lift off. Quick-Seat Chairs install easily and although they can be easily uninstalled  to a new location, once installed they are permanent residents of the dock, like stern centurion holding down the fort.

Quick-Seat Chairs will make any next boat outing so much more pleasurable while you wait to hear the “All Aboard.”

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself

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