“Waiting For Godot” is one thing that we all hope we never have to endure, and that’s because he never has the decency to show up to meet his two friends Vladimir and Estragon, who arriving on time at the appointed place in anticipation of meeting up with their old friend, wind up in a long winded discussion that is very existential and not for the fool-hearty. They do have a few encounters with passers-by, however and disappointingly, none of them are Godot. Although this timeless classic, written by Samuel Beckett, his first staged play in January of 1953, has managed to stand the test of time to become one of those plays that is able to offer ‘pause for thought’ even in contemporary times, the fact remains that in reality no matter how much we may want to wait for something or someone, it is frightfully challenging to have to wait while standing, especially if one tires easily or is recovering from a physical injury.

Waiting for Godot- Always late!!!

Unless one is bagging a rogue tiger to save the village in the wilds of India, waiting is awful.  Let’s face it, no existential conversation, regardless of how deep it may run, will make up for weariness or serious fatigue that takes over unbidden, nor will any encounters with people passing by be engaging enough to sufficiently energize you. In short, when you need to sit, you need to sit, even if you don’t want to.

Kung FU Practice (Photo credit: ANOEK DE GROOT/AFP/Getty Images)

Still recovering from my own knee injury, having to climb hill and dale to try to meet up with fellow ladies of my aviation group at a local beach, I found that although I have returned to normal ADLs or Activities of Daily Living, that includes some Kung Fu practice at a moderate pace, I found myself truly in need of a place to sit! Trudging through sand, up a hill from across a beach can be quite taxing especially in the heat. It is truly much different than walking along on level ground.  In fact, it’s sufficiently difficult to pass out even a bull elephant.

I did make it to my car, but I think it’s because I kept visualizing a nice sea-blue Quick-Seat Chair with a pretty seashell logo on it. Finally, exhausted, I reached my car. Always in these experiences, I am keenly aware that there are far too many places where far too many people aren’t waiting for Godot, they are waiting for Lab results or for the Doctor to see them, or for the next available receptionist to see them. Far too often people’s experience of visiting some retail and commercial outlets are in serious jeopardy for lack of a few minutes’ rest on a clean, balanced, secure temporary seat like Quick-Seat Chair.

Trudging Along Sand Dunes…Wishing for a Quick-Seat.

Godot never showed up to meet Vladimir and Estragon, but you can take heart that Quick-Seat Chair goes where it’s needed, installs easily, blends in with discerning décor, holds you and your pet 800-pound gorilla if you have one, and we assure you that your wait will be made better…whether or not you are waiting for Godot or for the receptionist to tell you that you’re next. Why not suggest Quick-Seat Chair to the places you always have to wait, today.

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Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.

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