It’s amazing just how many everyday items I come into contact with that remind me of the special design of the Quick-Seat Chair. As an aficionado of old detective movies, especially those that include colorful, witty British butlers, I was watching a favorite Bulldog Drummond episode about the intrepid ex-Colonial and his sidekick, Tenny, played so adorably by E. E. Clive.

Another mess, results of a “wild bull in a china shop”.

Tenny is always having to tidy up whatever rubble is left behind from the criminal advances of thugs, along with the remnants of Ming vases, and broken wedding presents from the clumsy, “wild bull in a tea shop” aftermaths caused by Algie, Bulldog’s best but dangerously inept pal. In one episode the entire bunch of them wake up covered in what was left of the ceiling and surrounding area after a secret stash of explosives went off. Thank heavens Tenny was all right, after all, he’s the butler!

Who else is going to clean it all up and restore order followed by a tray of fresh hot tea? It reminded me of helping my mother clean up after a birthday party in my pre-teen years. One day she asked me to go get the Silent Butler. I was new to the art of cleaning and had no idea what a Silent Butler was. So she told me where it was and described what it looked like. When I brought it to her she explained how it worked and did a little demonstration. One simply held onto the handle and using one’s thumb, easily pulled back on the little lever to “silently” open the lid so that one’s other hand could dump in the contents of ash trays or whisk crumbs or small items of debris into the Silent Butler’s pan. Ingenious. Such a simple design of mechanical wizardry perfect for the job it was intended. Silent, easy to use and efficient.

The Silent Butler, a Classic

My mother’s Silent Butler was also not hard on the eyes. A mahogany handle with polished brass lid, lever, and pan. It wasn’t a far cry from the concept of Quick-Seat Chair. Like a Silent Butler that is stored out of sight, Quick-Seat Chair folds up against its supporting wall blending in with the décor. It can also sport any logo or image desired and it can be special ordered in your color choice. That’s just for eye appeal.

Quick-Seat, Always Ready

Quick-Seat Chair, like the Silent Butler, opens easily by light touch of a finger or a toe. Its mechanical function both precise and efficient to release an ample seating area which then silently closes back up when you leave it. Easy to clean; easy to use; easy to store. The best temporary seating solution for otherwise almost impossible space. The only downside? It doesn’t come with a tea-serving, jolly British butler. But it will serve up loads of relief when and where you need it most.

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Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.