It’s funny how a song title, or a common phrase or the title of a movie will automatically conjure up thoughts about Quick-Seat Chair, even when nothing about the song or the movie have anything to do with sitting or waiting. Take the 1979 blockbuster hit, All That Jazz, directed by Bob Fosse’ and starring a host of talent that who were all very light on their feet. I could draw the conclusion that their feet must have hurt and that a Quick-Seat Chair or two or three, or more, strategically placed back stage, probably would have saved their tootsies, but that wasn’t the original reason that the phrase, now included in Miriam Webster’s dictionary with its own long list of meanings, caught my attention.

If only we had a place to rest our “tootsies”!

I remember seeing the movie on the big screen years ago, and then noticed how the catch-phrase “All that jazz” just caught on. People were using it everywhere to complete sentences instead of “etc.” You have to admit it is much more colorful. But as someone who loves to know the origin of things, I had to look it up, which is how I discovered it in Miriam Webster’s. Of the many meanings attributed to “All that jazz,” the phrase, “For good measure” also stuck with me because it alludes to something that provides extra, something beyond the standard. Although not a phrase, another word with a similar meaning that crops up every once in a while, usually in a British production is “supernumerary”. I have heard it so rarely that I can recall the very productions, Jewel In The Crown, the beloved tales by F. Paul Scott, and by Agatha Christie’s character, Miss Marple in Nemesis that helped mark its meaning on me.

A Double Rainbow may be supernumerary, but is a truly wonderful thing!

Quick-Seat Chair’s name with its simplicity, hospitality, safety, security, durability and design becomes Quick-Seat Chair, the temporary seating solution with ‘All that jazz.’ It gives more, like ‘For good measure,’ and is the ‘supernumerary‘ seat that saves the day because it shows up just when you need it most. It’s quick to open, easy to install, gives good measure, and goes beyond, providing that extra solution to the equation of “no seating available.” And even though it can’t dance, Quick-Seat Chair is “All That Jazz.”

Quick Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself.

To get “All that Jazz” at your business, contact Quick-Seat today!