Of course, you can do these techniques and activities sitting anywhere, but should you find yourself down a long corridor, waiting for what seems an eternity for that long awaited appointment, we’ve got your covered and the best part is that for the most part, no one else will really notice what you’re doing. But if they do notice, they’ll probably ask you about it and we’re OK if you share. Waiting can be a very difficult task and depending on why we’re waiting and the length of time we may anticipate having to wait can be a daunting and sometimes nerve unraveling experience, which is why we not only want to bring you the best solution for sitting where seating is limited, but something to do to help you pass the time, that is beneficial. We care about you at Quick-Seat Chair.  We’ve done our research and we know some of the best ways of making use of your waiting time while sitting on our temporary seating solution.

Master Jiro Murai

One of the easiest things we’ve learned to do is a lovely self-care technique from Japan. Jin Shen Jyutsu was rediscovered in the early 1900’s and revived by Master Jiro Murai. It seems that each finger is connected through the network of nerves and energy meridians to each of your internal organs and each of those is affected by the same challenging emotions. The following are examples: worry is connected to the thumb and the liver; grief is connected to index finger and the lungs; anxiety and too much excitement is connected to the middle finger and the heart; anger is connected to the ring finger, the spleen and the pancreas; and fear to the little finger and the kidneys. Since the Japanese are known for their longevity, we can’t help but see the benefit of practicing Jin Shen Jyutsu.  It is so simple you can do it anywhere, especially on a Quick-Seat Chair.

Start by simply allowing your breath to relax and settle into its own rhythm. Sit comfortably, but without being rigid. One by one, begin by gently squeezing your left thumb with your right hand for the length of one breath. Be sure not to force the breath. Rather, simply let it come and go of its own accord and move to each finger in succession on the left hand. Next, begin on the right hand and repeat. You may choose to repeat the whole process again or spend more time on each finger. The best part is that you don’t have to concentrate or focus deeply, you just have to relax, and breath, and squeeze. I practice this anytime I go to the movies, or if I’m spending a long weekend watching my favorite movie trilogy. The places and times you can practice Jin Shen Jyutsu are endless, but I’m glad that we’re starting out here while we’re waiting on a Quick-Seat Chair. 

Some people have remarked how soothing Jin Shen Jyutsu is on arthritic fingers. Although we don’t suggest that you substitute Jin Shen Jyutsu for your treatment regime or your doctor’s advice, but we do know that it is very calming.

Of all of the compliments we have received both from people who have found refuge on a strategically placed Quick-Seat Chair and all of the health and retail businesses who have embraced the need for temporary seating, “we have never heard a disparaging word” about the clean, easy to access, user friendly, ample seating area, of our Quick-Seat Chair and the benefits it offers. Read more about Jin Shen Jyutsu here. Of course, you are always welcome to telephone us or fill out our contact form here on the website.

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