I remember that old commercial of a beautiful girl in a swimsuit emerging from the sea smiling and looking like a mermaid. The camera made sure that the Jantzen logo was easy to see.  The “Just Wear A Smile” slogan became a catch-all phrase in our conversations even when we weren’t ‘wearing a Jantzen.’

People get tired feet walking a very long corridor…

It was no surprise when I was going about my day, and thinking about the world around me that the iconic phrase “Just wear a smile” simply popped into my head. And, I must confess, that it did make me smile. For, I too, have been at the long end of a corridor or out on a nature trail when fatigue or a previously injured ankle has let me know that I better sit for a while. What is it that they say about feet hurting? That if your feet hurt, your whole body hurts, and, that it shows in your face. We certainly can’t have that! In our story here at Quick-Seat Chair, however, we know that the minute people lay eyes on our little oasis of safety and comfort that the smile emerges, just like the smile on the girl wearing the Jantzen. It’s difficult not to be joyful when a need is met at a crucial moment. And that, as they say, is history. For what better way for a smile to emerge than to find a place to sit when you need it and then to find that it’s clean, easy to open, and that it closes by itself?

Industrial Plants and Spaces – Still Need a place to Rest

When inventors get an idea to create something, it’s always with the thought of making things easier for others and for improving the quality of their lives whether in the home or out. People like Nikola Tesla  or Henry Ford.  It’s no different with Quick-Seat Chair. We saw a need in an industry where people must often walk from one building to another down long corridors and then to find that they must wait with nowhere to sit. 

We visited industrial sites with large buildings sometimes spread apart and where traditional seating could pose a fall risk. Quick-Seat Chair closes itself out of the way also making it a perfect solution for those carrying and holding onto various items while they wait or rest.  We went out and took a look at retail stores which today are also very large. I was reminded of shopping with one friend who took more time to decide on a lipstick than making a decision at the Geneva Convention and how I needed desperately, and found no place to sit. So we know how it can be. We went out, we talked with the most important people that an inventor can speak with, the people who are out in the world and who have the same needs. This is the history, the story behind Quick-Seat Chair and its invention to make lives better, especially when people are out of the comfort of their homes. We want to get the word out. We want people to know when they enter a building that there are Quick-Seat Chairs available at strategic locations and we want them to smile just like the girl in the Jantzen commercial.

Quick-Seat Always There Where You Needed it!

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