Just write it down….

People often tell me that they have no time to keep a diary or to journal, yet all of my training in health care over the years and loads of research in creating viable wellness programs has proved just how important this little activity can be. To get started Journaling Click Here!

Many years ago, I was designing a stress relief program, which later went on to a branch of the US Navy’s Fleet and Family Service, and then some 7 years later, it was used in their Suicide Prevention Program. If someone you know or you are considering suicide reach out. Simply Click here for a link to help!

An important component of the program was about journaling. My research at the time uncovered something very powerful. That writing about a traumatic event as soon after it has occurred seems to relieve the dramatic impact of the event in a very strategic way. Sometimes that traumatic event is a health challenge of some kind.

Sometimes we’re just a bit down and don’t know how to pick ourselves back up again. And, sometimes we find ourselves waiting for a health related appointment for ourselves or a loved one. Sometimes that 20-minute wait can seem like an eternity.

At Quick-Seat Chair, we’re not just concerned about what’s happening to you physically. That’s why we’ve created our Happiness Journal System. You can pick up your spirits in just a few concentrated moments. Happiness is very concentrated and a little goes a long way.

Get into the habit, whether sitting on a Quick-Seat chair or not, and write a couple of memories that you have for today. Did you get a hug, or did someone tell you they love you? Now draw a little heart and write it down and add more notes if you have them. Did something give you a fun surprise? Doodle a little star and write it down. Did you get treated to lunch or your favorite Starbucks? Draw a little dollar sign and make a note. Did you get a nice letter, email or new book in the mail? Well, that’s a little adventure sure to bring some fun into your life. Scribble in the @ sign (A for adventure) and jot down that reminder. Make this your own personal Happy Game. Remember only to write the things that made you happy that day no matter how small. It IS something to do while waiting and it is absolutely guaranteed to pick up your spirits.

We are dedicated to uplifting your spirits easily. As easily as our Quick-Seat Chair opens and then lifts itself up and closes when you are finally done ‘waiting.’

We just keep waiting

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