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Have you ever been walking along, or cleaning out a kitchen junk drawer, and thought will just come into your head from out of nowhere? That happened to me the other day at the kitchen sink. It was a fine old song from the 1870s entitled “After the Ball is Over.” Now, that tune hadn’t been in my head since I used to have to put the sheet music away after my piano lessons. That old book, big and heavy as books were back in the 1950s, was a complete collection of popular Victorian Songs. Well, there it was, “After the Ball is Over,” going around in my head and me wondering why it had cropped up out after all these years. Kind of made me a little nostalgic too, as it’s a sweet old tune about broken hearts. But then I realized that  I had recently seen at least 2 BBC productions involving the aristocracy during formal social events, Upstairs Downstairs and Shakespeare and Hathway, one of which was a ball. You know this type of scene, lots of floor space in those big old ‘great rooms’ with people milling about or dancing, standing and eating hors d’oeuvres and drinking cocktails.

Noticeably, there is never enough seating. You’ve been there, to at least one crowded event where you’d give anything for a place to get off your feet. Talk about having a broken heart! You know where I’m going with this. Impossible for me not to secretly envision Quick-Seat Chairs, nonchalantly planted around the perimeter of these rooms. It’s easy to do this because Quick-Seat Chairs can be custom-made to blend in with your decor. And if you were to find yourself having to host a full dress ball for 50 people or more in your ‘great room,’ you could get those Quick-Seat Chairs installed in no time flat. You wouldn’t need a handyman or special tools and you could be done as quick (sorry for the play on words) as a wink. 

Fancy living in Buckingham Palace? The Queen is hiring and the job comes  with a room - Lonely Planet

I’ve often thought that I should contact Queen Elizabeth to let her know just how useful and spiffy Quick-Seat Chairs would look in and around Buckingham Palace for guests and tourists or even the Queen, herself. And, one of these days I may just do that since people love to get good news and Quick-Seat Chairs are always good news; are like a light at the end of a tunnel; like an old friend you run into by surprise and like a small, welcoming oasis should you find your tootsies aching at the next ball you’ve attended and where you’ve ‘tripped the light fantastic.’

Quick-Seat Chair. Temporary Seating That Closes Itself

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