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My Chinese Fortune didn’t say those exact words with my dinner last month, but I did get a good fortune on stick # 20. And, the little rhyme about Quick-Seat Chairs just happened as little rhymes often do in our daily rounds.  For Quick-Seat Chairs are lucky. No kidding. They’re just like the  ‘sure thing’ good fortune above that I got after tossing my Chinese Fortune Sticks while watching an old episode of everyone’s favorite detective, Charlie Chan.

Quick-Seat Chairs always cause me to wax into a metaphor and I guess it’s because they are just one of those inventions that, although simple to use, are ingenious in design and offer so much relief for life’s problems in space constricted areas. It’s hard not to think of them as lucky. Coming upon a Quick-Seat Chair, or know is like having to search for a gas station when you’re gas gauge reads that it is way too low, and finding one just over that horizon, or like anyone who has ever been walking along the corridor or has had to traverse a long outdoor walkway between two buildings in a large complex when your lower back pain starts to act up, or unexpected fatigue sets in, and then just happening upon a Quick-Seat Chair. This is where that momentary pause perched on a Quick-Seat Chair, can work its charm. It’s about the luckiest thing you can find except for, maybe a lucky penny or a pot of gold under a rainbow.

For those of you who have ever experienced low back issues, you know how it feels to set out for a walk only to have that awful burn begin across your lower back and hips and the silent question you ask yourself about how you’re going to make it back home, or down to the hall to your destination.

6 Ways to Improve Back Pain

And that’s why we believe in our product and the service it delivers. We also know it is durable and made to last for years with no maintenance other than a quick and easy clean-up when needed. It’s also why we encourage our happy customers to suggest Quick-Seat Chairs to the places they visit regularly to consider installing Quick-Seat Chairs in those areas most identified as ‘long hauls’ so that they can bring assurance, reduce fall risks and offer comfort to visitors. When you lightly tap open a Quick-Seat Chair, it may not feel quite the same as reaching down to pick up a lucky penny, but we know one thing, it’s sure going to feel better once you sit down. And that is pretty darn lucky.

To help your luck get better, contact at Quick-Seat today!

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