The Adventures Of Champion The Wonder Horse - Complete (Original)

Ever get a “hankering” to just sit back and watch an old western on the TV? Simpler times, a hint of adventure in the old west. A trip down memory lane. That’s what happened the other day for me after a particularly challenging week. I just wanted to ride out into the sunset with Gene Autry on Champion The Wonder Horse.  There’s that well-known folk song that was featured in this 1947 movie, “She’ll be coming ’round the mountain,” with its catchy tune that wended its way into the lives of every kid on the block who heard it. The song attached itself to occasions and activities as a catch phrase especially when someone was lumbering along and others wanted to be funny. I know if I’d been riding a horse for a long time, just getting off of it and finding a place to let my legs and back straighten out would be a relief.

As I continued to watch the movie with that song in my head, I started to envision a line of Quick-Seat Chairs along the outside wall of the stage depot with people lined up for the next stage coach, or another line of Quick-Seat Chairs for when people rode into town, dismounted their horses and just needed to settle their pins before getting back up and into the saddle again. It’s amazing just how often Quick-Seat Chairs pop into my mind with a song or a movie. I picture this poor woman, riding across the desolate plains of the old west and she’s got 5 other white horses in tow. No small feat for the meek or weary. You know she’s going to need to dismount and find a place to sit. She’s going to want to find a non-moving, safe, comfortable seat as reliable as Old Paint!

Watch Adventures in Dry Gulch Online | Season 6, Ep. 5 on DIRECTV | DIRECTV

That’s Quick-Seat Chair. Old Paint without the oats, straw or sugar lumps. All you need to do when you finally make it around the mountain of the corner of that long hall-way, is to lightly touch the seat with your finger, or if your arms are worn out from holding those reigns, just use a light touch with your toe and you’ll be assured of a well-needed respite instead of being stranded in Dry Gulch. Oh. that’s another old west city in a Mae West movie. You get the picture, though. Don’t allow your imagination to run away with you unless it’s where you really want to go and unless you’re sitting on a A Quick-Seat Chair which  is better than ‘six white horses’ and it comes in several colors. Why pardoner, you can even have it branded with your own company logo. That’s something to talk about at the old watering hole. Sugar lumps not included.


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